The Traveler

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

My na10511593_10101675568389467_5425623628744842924_ome is Asia. Dance Floor Diva. McDonald’s big mac lover. Professional cheap wine drinker.  Lifelong learner. Occasional pant ripper and now…Passport stamp collector.

To say that my love for travel started with a single moment would mean that a single moment defined what my entire future journey would look like. It all started with a small spark that ignited back in 2004 when I started working as an intern for the United States Government. I was exposed to an international environment at 16, working with Generals, foreign nationals and other elite people at my government agency.  As the years passed every person I  met, every culture I immersed myself into, every bite of exotic food I have savored,  every language I attempted to learn (“How do you say bathroom”?), every ounce of pain and despair I saw and felt, every moment of genuine human kindness I witnessed fueled a fire that started burning brighter and stronger.

Having studied with my Bachelors of Arts in Government and International Affairs and then Master’s of Science in Peace Operations I  thought I knew what it meant to really understand what was happening in other cultures and communities around the globe. It was easy to learn, read, and write about what was happening in our world as I sat in my George Mason classroom with a book bag full of supplies, but I needed to experience it first hand.

So here we are. My suitcase is packed, my passport is in my handy passport carrier and I’m off. Follow along on my journey as I cross cultures and borders.